Jen Darcy

Jen Darcy
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My copybook

All of my doodles are entirely flawed but filled with the best intentions, we have that in common. We also have not an ounce of logic between any of us.

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Things what I like to do

I can do other things too. But they weren't worth making an icon for. Like poaching an egg.

  • Doodling

    • Monsters & bears are my jam
  • Design

    • OCD'ing over pixels
  • This SONG

    • If you only listen with your ears, I can't get in
  • Games

    • Top Game tip: Don't play Monopoly with my brother Tom
  • Nerd things

    • I like nice photo's of nice things and nice people
  • Pint?

    • I just got bored with my own list

I do even go here

I heart drawing heart I. I live mostly inside my head but also in Dublin. I have to be original or die. Apparently. No presh.

"You know, looking at these drawings you did when you were 5... Never would have guessed you'd grow up to be an artist"

My ma

"Is that supposed to be a DOG? Looks like a rabbit."

My niece

"Hey what time are we meeting again?"

My Bestie

Let's hook up

I really like chit chatting. About art. Or music. Or the weather. Especially by email. I'm better online truth be told, I can be super awkward in person. So holla at me here.

Where you'll find me

The Drury Buildings
having a Deep, Dark & Stormy
and watching out for nargles

Say Hello

Phone: 086...lols kidding. THIS IS THE INTERNET!